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Siccura Guard - The Ultimate security solution that keeps your Tally data safe, secure and in your control.

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Is your accounting data safe?

You’ve worked hard to build your business. You’ve got Tally a great software that keeps all your accounts in one place. But is it really safe?

Tally ERP is the most widely used accounting software in India, but it doesn’t have any security features built-in.

Anyone who has access to your Tally account and data can delete, or change entries in the accounts. The risks of losing your financial data are devastating for any business.

So, we created Siccura Guard!

What is Siccura Guard?

Siccura Guard is the plug-in that keeps all financial data in Tally ERP safe and locked – that even NASA cannot break into.

So, whether its employees, or external partners who are handling your Tally data, avoid loss through corruption, keep it secure and in your control.

Secure and lock Tally data files

Keeps it safe from hackers

Keep a track of every edit on your Tally files.

Sleep well knowing your hard work is safe inside Siccura Guard.

Why Choose Siccura Guard?

Thief Proof

Block employees from moving, editing or copying financial data entries on Tally without permission.

Ransomware Proof

Converts Tally data files into an unrecognisable format that malware cannot detect.

Secret and Invisible

Locks and hides financial data from authorised people.

Automatic Data Backups

Automatic backups up Tally data files onto a secure Cloud. Protect your business against costly data loss.

24/7 Track and Monitor

Get complete visibility of all your Tally data files. Audit Trails give you real time access, so you know exactly what is happening with your Tally files.

Total Tally Data protection for All Businesses

Siccura Guard helps businesses of any kind protect and stay in control of their financial Tally data. We've supported businesses of every kind.

Accounting firms


Manufacturers & Suppliers

Management Consultancy firms

Siccura Guard allows you to safeguard your financial data produced through Tally ERP solutions. Siccura Guard protects all Tally data files by locking it, and keeping it protected from unauthorised access which allows users to safeguard their data generated and stored on external software services such as Tally ERP. Siccura Guard allows you to protect locally stored files from Tally ERP softwares by keeping it locked, and hidden from employees.

If you’re handling highly sensitive information such as financials and want to ensure that your customers remain loyal to you, then Siccura Guard will help you protect your data from exposure or theft. Siccura Guard continues to protect financial data so that it is:

  • Thief proof
  • Ransomware proof
  • Mistake and disaster proof
  • Secret and Invisible

Siccura Guard is designed to work with multiple software services. At this stage, it works with Tally ERP 9. Soon it will be available to function with other popular software services

The moment you activate Siccura Guard against any folders on your computer, the software automatically locks it so that it is only accessible within Siccura. For extra precaution you can even hide the folders, so that it cannot be found anywhere else except Siccura.

Yes! If you set up the Auto-Sync function within Siccura Guard, the software will automatically start taking a backup of your data. The data that is backed up is automatically stored into Siccura Cloud. In case, you have not set up Auto-Sync, you will be able to manually back up the data or switch to an automated process.

Siccura Guard does not move your data. It simply protects it, and you can hide the locally stored folders so that they are not vulnerable to malware attacks or theft. To access the data, you will be able to view it inside Siccura and nowhere else.

Our Siccura Guard subscriptions are for Single users and multiple Users. To view the prices please refer to our pricelist.

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